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As we continue to celebrate Interview’s 50th year, our September issue shines a light on RuPaul Andre Charles, who speaks to his friend and mentor Judge Judy about life, love, and how the world is going to get itself out of this mess. Inside the issue, two other famous friends (and former neighbors), Antonio Banderas and Penélope Cruz, talk about family, secrets, and the role that just won Banderas a Best Actor award at Cannes. Our former cover star Patricia Arquette reveals that she is still flirting with disaster in an interview by Ben Stiller and a photo essay by Juergen Teller. Amy Sedaris answers 19 questions from some famous not-so-secret admirers. Pop culture’s obsession of the moment Haley Bieber models some killer clothes, and we fall in love with a pair of GmbH jeans inspired by Turkish oil wrestlers. The breakout British actress Jodie Turner-Smith talks to her “After Yang” co-star Colin Farrell about her new film, “Queen & Slim”; Trevor Noah interviews the boundary-breaking new late-night host Lilly Singh; and the author Cyrus Grace Dunham talks to the actress Rowan Blanchard about growing up, transitioning, and flushing one’s best writing down the toilet. Marc Jacobs gets into the thick of portraiture with John Currin; Presidential hopeful and empress of the spiritual plane Marianne Williamson gives her thoughts on the reclining seats in Air Force One; and, oh yeah, we brought the Teletubbies out of retirement, just because. All this and much, much more!

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