INTERVIEW #530: “Jennifer Aniston,” - MARCH 2020

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To kick off the new decade, we’re featuring one of the most enduring stars of the last one (and the one before that). Jennifer Aniston has covered many, many magazines over the course of her career—many not by choice—but never quite like this. On the heels of her career renaissance thanks to her blistering performance on the Apple TV+ drama The Morning Show, the 51-year-old actor connected with one of her closest friends, Sandra Bullock, for a candid conversation about lifetime bonds, brown liquor, and that time they dated the same guy. Elsewhere, another ‘90s sitcom queen and national treasure Julia Louis-Dreyfus opens the floor for questions from 21 of her famous friends and admirers.   

Ahead of her North American film debut in the live-action remake of Mulan, the Chinese superstar Yifei Liu tells Awkwafina what it’s like bringing a beloved character to life. Meanwhile, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and actor Tracy Letts tells his Little Women director Greta Gerwig why his new Broadway play The Minutes is not—but sort of is—a commentary on the Trump era. Superstar producer and social media savant Diplo inhabits a rogues gallery of alter-egos as he tries on 15 boot-cut pants in roughly 15 minutes. The pop sensation Normani answers questions from the writings of Andy Warhol, while the artist Alex Da Corte tells his friend, the musician St. Vincent, about his modern-day reinvention of the violent “Chicken Happening” (you have to read it to believe it). And the Estonian hip-hop curiosity takes us on a hallucinatory tour of the former Soviet Bloc. All that, and so much more.

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